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No Turning Back is a Pixel Art Action-Adventure Roguelike being developed by a new solo indie developer which is entirely procedural, every time you play it's an entirely new experience, the way NPC's treat you, the level layout, items you find, your class, everything is completely random so no two playthroughs will be the same. There is so much to come, the game has only been in development for a short period of time but its development is coming along quickly,

This is the game I've always wanted to make and play, it's a game made by a gamer for gamers

Early Access Briefing:

Procedural Everything!
A Roguelike that changes every time you play, the rooms randomly change each time and the enemies come with randomly generated elements that effect their style, damage types & resistances.

Create your own Order!

The goal of No Turning Back is to create the strongest most powerful Order, You must develop and find followers that will follow you and offer you their services

There are currently 5 Types of Followers in No Turning Back


Blacksmiths will help you upgrade your weapons and armour by placing attachments onto your weapon, you can add new blades, sheathes and handles to your weapons to upgrade them, you can also learn new skills from them.


Apothecary's allow you to upgrade your classes by improving your skills, for example The Cannibal Minister can feed on the corpses of dead cultists, The Apothecary can improve his ability to allow him to feed on other enemies for less health, another upgrade is for The Armoured Weaver, he can call forth webs to impede the enemies movement, it can be upgraded to have stronger silk and freeze enemies in place temporarily.

Apothecary's require specialist items as well as Chaos Soul Gems, All the changes they make are permanent and continue

Soul Trainers:

They are extremely useful, you can learn new global abilities and passives that effect all your characters, such as the Soul Recall ability which pulls all XP towards you when enabled.

Again they can be upgraded to further strengthen your character


Proprietors allow gambling in your order, you can host monster races and monster fights in your order's headquarters. You can gamble and make extra cash.

Over 30 Classes in Early Access:

Wizardry Classes:

The Infernal Conjurer, The Order Sorcerer, The Destiny Seer, The Flame Shaman, The Guardian Warlock, The Illusionist, The Agile Pyromancer, The Flame Tempest, The Flame Stalker, The Shade Spinner, The Death Caller, The Cannibal Minister, The Hardened Battlemage, The Iron Minister,

Soldiery Classes:

The Arch Knight, The Paladin, The Gladiator, The Ambush Captain, The Ancient Invoker, The Hell Templar, The Lightweight, The Brawler, The Armoured Weaver, The Plated Arachnid, The Inhumane Butcher, The Soul Revoker, The Gatekeeper, The Unstoppable Templar

Archery Classes:

The Imperium Bandit, The Ranger Of The Order, The Unspoken Archer, The Swifteye, The Flame Arachnid, The Swift Cremator, The Untouchable Archer

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